Binding Services

Using precision industrial equipment, Mainline Fabrication applies a bound edge to most carpet and turf related products for a professionally finished look. Our Binding Services can be applied to most flooring products no matter what the size or shape, keeping edges from fraying, unraveling and shedding for years to come.

Serging Services

Available in a rainbow of colors, our Serging Services applies a finished edge using yarn for a hand sewn finished appearance. Considered more decorative than binding and is often used on heavier carpets too large for traditional binding. Mainline Fabrication’s Serging Services can add a touch of class to your finished products.


Using our state of the art digital design system, Mainline Fabrication’s Embroidery Services add custom lettering or logos to nearly any style of carpet or mat in a variety of complex stitch designs with multiple colors available. Using premium quality materials, enhance your product offerings with custom embroidery by Mainline Fabrication.

Vector Art Services

Consisting of lines and shapes that can be scaled to any size without losing resolution Mainline Fabrication’s Vector Art Services can digitally recreate your logo for use virtually anywhere on anything from a business card to billboard. Converted files can be provided in nearly any format including CAD, .EPS, .PDF and more.

Custom Inlay Services

Take your image to a new level with a Mainline Fabrication Custom Inlay Services for carpets and synthetic turf. Created when multiple pieces of carpet or turf are cut and seamed together to produce a design such as a logo in your company’s entry way or on the 50-yard line of your favorite football team.

Custom Turf Services

Inlayed logos, hash marks, number sets and team names in the end zone or center field can elevate your team to the next level using Mainline Fabrication’s Custom Turf Services. For multi-purpose facilities using velcro as a fastener to the back of our turf allows for easy assembly and removal capabilities. Using a precision hydro-jet we can also custom cut putting greens complete with fringe, and is only one but many services we provide for the synthetic turf industry.

Waterjet Services

With a table size of 15′ x 30′ Mainline Fabrication’s Waterjet Services provide a wide variety of options for the flooring and synthetic turf industries. With the ability to accurately cut through a vast array of materials we can cut virtually anything to any size or shape.

All services can be packaged and shipped directly to any location within the U.S.